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An exclusive chat with T-Smallz Suso
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An exclusive chat with T-Smallz Suso

T-Smallz’s success in the Gambian music industry was inevitable. The talented singer and instrument player was always surrounded by music from an early age. His grandfather was one of the country’s most respected griots.  What’s On-Gambia recently caught up with him in Bakau for an exclusive chat.

The upcoming Gambian international star was born on the 9th August, 1986 in Bakau. He started his music career with a multi-national rap group called Kryptix. He disclosed: “The group consisted of rappers with different nationalities. We first entered studio in 2004. Unfortunately, our music journey was short –lived.”

T-Smallz made his debut as a solo artist in 2009, with the single God’s Will featuring Pa Omar Jack.  He revealed to What’s On-Gambia that the single catapulted him into the spotlight.  The lyrics captured the attention of many Gambian music lovers. He added: “I was talking about my personal life and I think some people were able to relate to it. That’s the beauty of music!”T smallz 2

After flooding the radio airwaves with different hit singles such as Gis Nga Yow, Goor Goorlu and Save Ma Soul produced by respected producers, T-Smallz became one of the most sought- after young singers in the country. He scored a number of performances abroad, where he shared the stage with prominent artists like Senegal’s Viviane Ndure.

The Bakau singer recently returned from a European tour. The tour offered him the opportunity to meet some prominent producers and promoters in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

He told What’s On-Gambia: “In Belgium I had an interview with Sound Grove Station and in Holland I spent time negotiating with producers like Mike Love and Carel. They like what I’m doing and according to them my music has the potential to sell abroad. “

During his stay in Germany, T-Smallz managed to seal a deal with I-Dub Music. He is expected to return there soon to work on his first reggae dancehall album.

The queue of willing girls ready to date the Gis Nga Yow singer keeps stretching but he confessed to What’s On-Gambia that he is in love and his current girlfriend lives abroad.

T-Smallz also spoke on keeping humble despite the fame he gained over the years. He said he always tries to avoid being arrogant or rude towards his fans, promoters or fellow artists. He added that it’s certain artists’ super-star attitudes that are ruining their careers and also taking the music industry backward.

On his beef with Gee, he disclosed that they are now best mates. “We are cool! I was at his album launching.”

When asked about his favorite Gambian artists, T-Smallz said: “I like Royal Messenger and Benjamin. I also like the rapper OG-Log.”

Plans for 2013

-          Visit to Nigeria to complete Prince is Trobul Vol.2.

-          The release of Children of Today album

-          The production of a dancehall reggae album for the international Market

-          Second tour of Europe

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