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Are Gambian men ‘full of crap’? Toubab wife suspects husband is also married in The Gambia
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Are Gambian men ‘full of crap’? Toubab wife suspects husband is also married in The Gambia

Gambian-toubab marriage still remains one of the most hotly debated topics in the country.  According to some Western women, most Gambian men marry them for ‘papers’ and will leave them as soon as they get it.

Last week, we posted on the What’s On-Gambia’s Facebook page about an American woman, who is married to a Gambian in the USA. She is suspecting that her husband of one year is having a secret wife in The Gambia.

The post generated more than 200 comments, with some women arguing that Gambian men are stupid and full of crap.

Read some of the comments below:

Surahata Fatty

Well am sorry, but in The Gambia as Muslims we can marry up to four wives. And we have to support our family back home. You should learn our religion and culture before you married him. So if you still love him then deal with it.

Kaddijatou Touray

Sorry, but this is what they do. The deputy imam of Nottingham, England had issues with her wife in The Gambia last year because of an old woman who is almost 70 now lol. The imam decided to let go the Gambian wife and moved on with the one that gave him papers. It’s sad. All because he was hiding that he got a wife in Gambia. STOP LYING!

Ida Jaffuneh

Some of us Gambians can be really selfish sometimes. We will see the truth and will turn it around. Do you think if she knows he have a wife, she will put herself through this? How will you feel if you were in her shoes?

Annetta Titita Paps-king

I can't comprehend why it is so ingrained into the Gambian men psyche to treat women so badly. These are the same people that pray and quote scriptures whilst deceiving and lying. Women don’t think for one minute. I can guarantee for fact he is married with kids.


Pay him a surprise visit when he is in The Gambia alone. He is probably married; most of them have a co-wife in The Gambia and always try to keep it a secret from the wife in Europe. Most Gambian men are really good at lying and manipulating women. Good luck my sister.

Binet World's

The best think you can do is divorce him, because he just using you for papers! The mayor of Gambian men they behave like that

Fatou Coker

Hey Gambia men, what is wrong with you? Why are you afraid of white women and you don’t tell them the truth about our culture.  Why do you want to be slaves under them because of their money.



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