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In URR, unidentified man allegedly rapes woman’s dead body
By Gainde | |
An unidentified man allegedly dug out the corpse of a
When will Gambians start calling Gina Bass by her new name?
By Gainde | |
It's been a month since Gina Bass' new name was
Gambians mad at Italy-based semester for marrying Nigerian woman
By Gainde | |
When Matarr Touray, an Italy-based semester, married his Nigerian girlfriend
Singer A2 set to release new album
By Gainde | |
In what will be a significant milestone in his musical
Jizzle spotted in Dakar with famous feminist?
By Gainde | |
Multi-award-winning singer Jizzle was allegedly spotted in the Senegalese capital
Star girl faces backlash after freestyling about rough sex
By Gainde | |
A budding rapper, who is popularly known as Star Girl,
Fula man snatches popular Jola journalist
By Gainde | |
Wedding bells rang in the GRTS building when popular broadcaster
Toubab wife: “Why do Gambian women dislike us?”
By Gainde | |
In a message to What's On-Gambia, a German woman who
Nabou Dash tells women: “Stop getting married to broke men!”
By Gainde | |
Controversial Senegalese socialite Nabou Dash has advised young women to
Brusubi Police: Girl alleges Senegalese man used black magic on her
By Gainde | |
A young woman has alleged that a Senegalese man was
Can a Gambian who eats pork donate blood to a Muslim?
By Gainde | |
In a message to What's On-Gambia, Ebrima Jobe of Serre
Here are some of the gifts Fatoumatta Wadda received from the Jah family
By Gainde | |
Fatoumatta Wadda and Omar Jah's wedding was far from a
Over D64 million was spent on Omar Jah and Fatoumatta Wadda’s wedding
By Gainde | |
Omar Jah, the son of business mogul Muhammed Jah, married
Sainabou Mbye changes outfit 15 times at daughter’s naming ceremony
By Gainde | |
Businesswoman Sainabou Mbye changed her outfit a whopping 15 times
Young man accuses ex-girlfriend of locking his manhood
By Gainde | |
A young man has accused his now ex-girlfriend of locking
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