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Bakau’s most famous semester jailed for stealing D3m from British pensioner
By F Mbaye | |
Lamin Conteh, popularly known as Swiss, has been jailed after
What you might not know about The Gambia’s next First Lady
By F Mbaye | |
Despite all the media attention the presidential election generated, Gambians
Ex-friend: Nancy Nanz’s infidelity caused marriage crash
By F Mbaye | |
Fans were shocked when What’s On-Gambia reported the packing up
Bai Babu’s girlfriend stuns in figure-hugging dress at ‘Welcome Back’ concert
By F Mbaye | |
They have a ‘love child’ together and when it matters
Sachaaa! Fatou Camara steals What’s On-Gambia photo
By F Mbaye | |
She claims to have the biggest and most reputable online
Lock up your daughters! The toubab sugar daddies are in town!
By F Mbaye | |
As the winter begins to get harsh in Europe, tourists
Who’s interested? Nancy Nanz desperate for new husband
By F Mbaye | |
It seems Nancy Nanz can’t handle being ‘lamba’ (state of
Where did Saffie Saine get the money to buy a house in Salagi?
By F Mbaye | |
Her lifestyle is pretty incredible since completing her senior secondary
Death of Chaat in Libya reignites debate on ‘back way’
By F Mbaye | |
Sira Mundow, fondly known as Chaat, died while trying to
Family picnic: Tragedy as three young women drown in ocean
By F Mbaye | |
A joyous picnic at the Radio Syd beach turned into
Please, Baba God help! Men scarcity hits The Gambia
By F Mbaye | |
Gambian women are facing a harrowing time due to the
Senegalese TV drama, Wiri Wiri dominates in Gambian homes
By F Mbaye | |
In its 2nd season, Wiri Wiri isn’t showing any signs
Does Barbie Touray have a drinking problem?
By F Mbaye | |
Barbie Touray was so drunk last weekend at Reo’s in
Zips closed! Gambian Delilahs waiting to open up for multi-millionaires
By F Mbaye | |
No cash, no kiss. They’re dangerously seductive and might already
Manding Morry is going to be a dad: Singer prepapres to welcome first child
By F Mbaye | |
Manding Morry is going to be a dad, according to
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