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Baken jama la buga: Hellen Maroun opens up about her crashed marriage to Balla Gaye II
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Baken jama la buga: Hellen Maroun opens up about her crashed marriage to Balla Gaye II

It’s two months now, since Hellen Maroun secretly parted ways with her Senegalese husband, Balla Gaye II, whom she married in October 2012 at the Pipeline Mosque. 

"I believe it just had to happen, only God knows our destiny," a relieved Hellen told What's On-Gambia. 

The former couple's marriage has been the subject of a slew of rumours in both The Gambia and Senegal. According to her, it was 'total nonsense' for some people to suggest she got married to the champion wrestler because of his fame. 

"Some people just get things wrong but I don't blame them. They are free to voice out what they feel or think. I got married to him because Yalla mo ko yuda."

Hellen revealed that she has reverted back to Christianity, her religion before she got married. 

She said: "I'm back to my religion. So hamut tay foy dem nga dehlu figa jogay (if you don’t know where you going, go back to where you came from)" 

The 25-year-old added that she has taken the last several weeks to learn a lot about herself. She mentioned that it is not easy to have a high-profile husband and being the subject of gossip which has the effect of damaging one's reputation.

"Whenever I hear anything negative said about me I just smile and let go believing that only God can Judge me."

Balla Gaye

Speaking about her former husband, Hellen said: "He's a great man and I have nothing negative to say about him. I'm still a fan and we both have maximum respect for each other. God knows best." 

Hellen rubbished rumours that her former co-wife, Boury Bathily contributed to the collapse of her marriage. According to media reports the two were bitter rivals and couldn’t see eye-to-eye.

Helen's Co wife

"I've never seen or talked to her. I had nothing to do with her," she explained.

The former Maroun Supermarket boss said she is still healing from her divorce and described her failed marriage as a collection of lessons. 

"Baken jama la buga. I'm moving on and learning from my past mistakes to build up a brighter future. No one on this earth is perfect. Mistakes make us who we are today -proper eye opener," she told What's On-Gambia. 


Hellen added that she is not bearing any deep emotional wound, but declared she has 'no plans of reconciliation'. She will not be in Dakar to support Balla Gaye during his bout with Bombardier.

The famous girl confirmed she is single, but refused to disclose whether she is ready to mingle. She is unquestionably one of the most popular young women in the country with a beauty that men find irresistible.

Her message to her supporters: "I appreciate all of you, especially those of you who have my back. I've seen all your comments on everything. I thank you all and I want Balla Gaye fans to keep supporting him. He is a great man. Our divorce shouldn’t change your feelings towards him. He adores his fans a lot and treasures them. My love goes to everyone out their wishing you all a happy new year."


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