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Barrow’s former neighbour accuses him of neglecting them
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Barrow’s former neighbour accuses him of neglecting them

A former neighbour to president Adama Barrow has accused him of abandoning Old Yundum, where he lived for several years before his 2016 election victory. 

Speaking at a UDP gathering, Fatoumatta Jawara said the Gambian leader neglected them after becoming president. 

Among other accusations, the former neighbour said the president, who is running for reelection in 2021, never donated a single butut towards community development projects in Old Yundum. 

Social media influencer, Femi Mahoney wrote on Facebook: "After listening to this FATOUMATTA Jawara, a neighbour of President Barrow at Old Yundum, Coastal Road you cannot blame her. According to her, she used to cook porridge (mono) the breakfast for the president during the Coalition 2016 presidential campaign. She was always in the company of the president's wives." 

"However, upon his victory like many other things, President Barrow didn't take long to break all the promises he had made to them in their neighbourhood. The woman said that, for starters, the president abandoned the area and decided to take almost every development to his native Basse area, URR. Madam Fatoumatta said that she's not asking the president to use the government's asset to bring a bit of development to his former neighbourhood in Coastal Road. At least, he can make donations for those potholes which lead up to the president's house. She said she cannot believe how the president has quickly forgotten where everything good happened for him. For that reason, she will not be supporting Barrow in 2021." 

Another social media influencer, Bulli Sowe commented: "Barrow should not have abandoned them. This is what I hate about people. They forgot so soon." 

Fatpumatta is now a staunch critic of the president. She vowed not to vote for him in 2021.


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