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Bob’s former in-laws are determined to get him jailed
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Bob’s former in-laws are determined to get him jailed

The ex-wife of Babucarr Keita and her family are very determined to get him jailed, according to information reaching What's On-Gambia

Popularly known as Bob, the young businessman is facing sex abuse charges after being accused of raping and impregnating his ex-wife's 15-year-old sister.  

A source close to the former in-laws said: "The family is determined to get him jailed for life. This was why when he was granted bail by the Bundung High Court, the state was forced to appeal against it and Bob was sent to Mile 2.” 

Another source revealed that some of the country's most prominent feminists and women's rights organizations are supporting the family to win the case.  

"This is a joint enterprise with a significant interest of him going to jail from some female groups. Let's see how it all plays out," she said. 

Bob allegedly had unlawful carnal knowledge with the 15-year-old, when she was living with them in Faji Kunda. She became pregnant and gave birth some months ago.  

A DNA paternity test is yet to be conducted to establish whether he is the father or the girl's ex-boyfriend. 

"When the matter was first reported to the police, the ex-boyfriend was also charged. But I heard, it was the AG Chambers that advised that the charges against the boy be dropped,” said the source. 

Bob's ex-wife, who already testified against him at the Bundung High Court, is now remarried and living with her new husband. 


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