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Cess Ngum rubbish ’marriage trouble’ rumours
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Cess Ngum rubbish ’marriage trouble’ rumours

Cess Ngum has hit out at claims that her marriage with a former diplomat is on the rocks, insisting the rumours are ‘completely untrue.’ 

It was reported by What’s On-Gambia that the popular singer was becoming very uncertain about the future of her marriage. Trouble started brewing when her husband lost his job with the Gambia government.  There were speculations that Cess was even thinking of settling down in the USA. 

But the daughter of veteran musician, Abdel Kabir Ngum has slammed these claims in a telephone chat with our editor. She said, “It’s not true! I was in the USA to deliver my baby and not to settle. I am now back in The Gambia with my family. What more do you want to know?” 

Our editor made it clear to her that What’s On-Gambia have very reliable sources and that the story was not written to ridicule her marriage. 

Cess confirmed that her family was upset by the story.  She said, “I can understand why they were upset. Just yesterday, I had a meeting with my dad and he was suggesting that I should quit music and stay away from the spotlight.” 

According to her, she is not leaving the music scene.  Cess is a stay-at-home-mum and since she arrived from the USA she has been lying low and focusing on her role as a mother and a wife. 

The mother-of-two is undoubtedly one of the most talented female singers in the country. Her songs like Duma La Bayi, Rewi Gambia and Dream Boy went down well with music lovers. 


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