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DJ Fireman urges ‘ghetto youths’ to ‘burn’ homosexuality
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DJ Fireman urges ‘ghetto youths’ to ‘burn’ homosexuality

Famous DJ, Fireman threw his anger at homosexuals during Benjahmin’s album launching last weekend.

When he took to the stage at the Brikama Boxba mini stadium, Fireman urged the youths to distance themselves from homosexuality.

As anticipated by many, the leader of the Fire House Crew was in his usual fiery mood. He had the audience’s attention throughout his performance.

Fireman used words like ‘batty bwoy’ and ‘chichi man’ to describe homosexuals. According to him, all true Rastas should shun homosexuality.

“Me born all gorr jiguenes and lesbians,” he said to wild applause from the crowd.

He then changed course by dedicating songs to women, and urged ‘ghetto youths’ to respect their mothers.

Benjahmin’s album launching was attended by a massive crowd. He is currently the country’s top reggae singer. 


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