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DOKUWOLOM! Manding Morry opens up about his new album, rumoured beef with Gee, love life and more
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DOKUWOLOM! Manding Morry opens up about his new album, rumoured beef with Gee, love life and more

Manding Morry is launching his new album on the 20th December, 2014. We caught up with him at the Allliance Francaise to find out more about the new album, rumoured beef with Gee and more:

What’s On-Gambia: What’s your opinion on What’s On-Gambia?

Manding Morry: (Laughs) when I hear about What’s On-Gambia, I will be like what did they write about me again? What have I done again? Well, I respect what you are doing.

Have we ever wronged you?

Not once, most of the time! Just as I said earlier, you doing a job that I respect so much because you bring artists to the spotlight.

Tell us about your projects at the moment.

I’m working on my album,Dokuwolom coming out December 20th. It was falsely reported that I postponed the launching date. This needs to be corrected, the album launching for Manding Morry is December 20th and nothing will make me change it.

So actually, what’s keeping me busy whole day and night is to make sure I finish this album before December, am working hard on that with my label Joluv Arts.

What do you mean by DOKUWOLOM?

Well if I have to translate that word to English I think it means ‘hard work’ or something that is not easy.  As you can see, the life we live is not easy - even to breathe is difficult, going to work every day is not easy, taking care of the family is not easy, you may not believe it but even eating is not easy (laughs). So tell me what is easy in this world? This is why I named the album Dokuwolom. I swear to God people should watch out for this album!

How many tracks will the album contain?

It will be a ten-track album with an intro and outro. My brother,Jalex will be featured in the album and my target is to get different Gambian artists on board to give it a unique taste and satisfy all the fans and music lovers. Afro-manding is what I represent! I’m proud to be Gambian!

Manding Morry

You’re now signed to Joluv Arts. Please, tell us what are the benefits?

I’m really benefitting, every artist needs a proper management to take care of you. I can’t do it alone. I was an independent artist – meaning I was working alone for two years after my contract ended with Music O.

I don’t need to rush my career, so being under a label to guide me is very important. I thank God that Joluv Arts is now part of my journey.

Is it true that they provided you with an apartment at the Paradise Estate and also gave you a car?

Yes, I’m living at the Paradise Estate, and they promised to offer me more things which I can’t reveal now. Dokuwolom!

Any plans to travel abroad after the release of the album?

We are working on it. I told you my label is responsible for most of my things now and I think taking me out of the country to promote my music is part of it.

How is your relationship like with other artists?

We are good, all the people in the industry.  I have respect for them and I know they have the same for me. We advise each other.


Manding are you sure there is unity?

Some artists definitely have issues among themselves, but how can I solve that?

Manding Morry

Okay, Manding do you have any beef with Gee?

I don’t know about that and can’t comment on it. How you are seeing me is how I am, smiling every time and showing respect to everyone. To be honest, I’m not aware of any beef.

Is he going to perform at your album launching?

Unless if he rejects the offer but am going to invite him. We started this journey together, if you see people are talking about Gambian music now is because of me, Gee and few other artists.

Interestingly, one of his aunts is my neighbor at the estate. She likes me a lot and is taking good care of me. The Gambia is one big family (laughs).

How comes you are so confident that your album launching will be a huge success?

(Laughs) even thejinns are coming to my show, not only human beings, trust me! I see different kinds of creatures coming to me in the form of a dream that they will attend the album launching. Come early or you will not be able to enter.

You always say that Mandinkas should support your music. Why?

I’m not a tribalist, just trying to keep my culture alive. I don’t say that to against certain people.

Which recording studio are you working with?

State of Mic, I have been working with this studio for a long time. I also recorded a song at ShyBoy.  The other producers I work with include Hakeem. Like I said earlier, Dokumwolom will not be a ‘cheap’ album.

Can you share your love life with us; a lot of things have been said about you and girls.

(Laughs) yes, a lot of things have been said by What’s On-Gambia. Now, every DJ and journalist wants to know about my love life. You guys write about me like if I change girls every month and that is not true.

Girls love me, which is natural. To tell you the truth, I never dated two girls at the same time. It is not even in my plans to marry more than one wife.

I’m not a player. When I break a relationship, I work on a new one and that is how it works. I don’t want to hurt people, and also I need time for my music.

Manding Morry

Are you dating now?

Look at me carefully ….. if I tell you  I’m not dating you should give me a big slap on my face.

Who is the lucky girl?

That is a secret. She doesn’t like publicity and I hope you will respect that?

We want to thank you for your time.

The pleasure is mine. I will say it again that I respect what you do and please confirm with me anything you hear about me. ALA BARAKA!!!

Click below to enjoy Manding Morry’s promo video, Jarabally.


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