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Exclusive: A chat with budding R&B and pop techno star Sambu
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Exclusive: A chat with budding R&B and pop techno star Sambu

Sambu born Babucarr Sambou on the 23rd December, 1987 is one of The Gambia’s most talented upcoming singers. He is far from being an amateur at his craft. What’s On -Gambia caught up with him for an exclusive chat:

What inspired you to take singing as your career?

Music was part of my childhood. My dad was a DJ and I used to listen to some of his music collection. So I inherited the love for music. Phil Collins was my biggest star and also Paul Simon, Roxette and Ifanbondi.

Tell us about your early days as a singer?

I started singing with a group called BackStage Boyz and I was the lead vocalist. The group didn’t last long and as a result I decided to become a solo artist. My first single was Heal Your Heart and the feedback I received was massive.

The fans offered me the courage to push further and spread my name in the four corners of the country. Now I have established myself as a reputable artist.

What makes Sambu different from other artists?

(Laughs) I’m a producer, dancer and a singer. So it’s a whole lot of things that I do and that’s not common with many Gambian artists.

To some people you sound completely like Akon …..

Funny! Please listen to Akon and try to compare his voice with mine; it’s like day and night! But I will take it as a compliment, because Akon is a superstar and every upcoming artist in Senegambia wants to achieve his success in the international scene.

I always try to be myself. It’s my voice, my natural voice and nothing more. If I have to imitate an artist, it would surely be Phil Collins.

When are you dropping your debut album?

I already have enough songs for an album but I don’t think it’s time yet. I want to create a solid market for my music. I don’t want to release an album that will only gather dust at Kerewan Sounds or at the different supermarkets.

So what are you doing towards creating that market?

I’m working with promoters both in The Gambia and abroad. These are promoters that can help independent artists like me to become successful and sell records.

Are you also eyeing the international market?

Why not? Like every upcoming artists in The Gambia, Senegal, South Africa or Jamaica I want to have fans in different parts of the world.

What is your opinion on the current state of Gambian music?

We have a long way to go. We are still behind; there are so many things to be done. The most important thing is that we should work towards building a solid music industry.

What do you mean with a solid music industry?

Just look at the tourism industry, they have all the structures and the people involved are benefitting, but in the music industry we have nothing like that. Artists are not protected and we are not making adequate money. It’s not encouraging – so many things are missing!

Final words?

 I would like to thank What’s On-Gambia, my family, fans both home and abroad and my team, Genesis Revolution.  This is Sambu –live and let live!

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