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Exclusive interview: Mighty Joe set to launch his new album
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Exclusive interview: Mighty Joe set to launch his new album

Mighty Joe is ready to launch a new album at the Alliance Francaise come 8th November.  Read below his interview with our man, Kepz:

What’s On-Gambia: How ready are you for the album launching in November?

Mighty: More than two years I have been working very hard just to launch this album. Thank God that it is ready now. Just waiting for November 8th for me to serve it to the public and fans.

You are having the launching both in Brikama and Kombo. What is the reason behind that?

This is because I am born and brought up in Brikama, but now based in Kololi. So I want to satisfy both ends.

Which recording studio were you working with?

I was working with Singateh’s Pack Music.

How many songs should we expect in your album this time around?

Ten songs and almost half of the tracks in the album are already released for promotion. So people are already familiar with most of the songs.

Mighty Joe

Which band is going to back you during the launching?

This time around I am going to invite a new band that will be a surprise to the fans. Last album launching it was the Humanity Stars, but this year I want to come up with something new. It’s all about surprises!

Are you expecting a huge crowd?

By the grace of God the crowd will be bigger than in 2012. I am working very hard and the songs in the album are properly done.

What should fans expect?

I am going to give them a proper show. T-shirts will be distributed for free and the albums will be available for those who want to grab a copy.

How is the relationship like between you and other artists?

I have a very good relationship between me and my co-artists. I am cool with all of them!

Mighty Joe

Were you part of the Front Line Crew?

Yes, I was there.

Why did you leave the crew?

I don’t think there was any problem. I still call myself a Frontliner. What happened was – I was in the crew until when I got signed by Musico. I was not allowed to be part of any group or movement.

Tell us about the Tsunami Foundation.

It’s more like my fans club. They are 100% there for me! I can’t do it alone. Thumbs up to the Foundation I appreciate their work so much.

Did you ever receive support from the Office of the President?

I want to say a big thank you to the Office of the President for supporting Mighty Joe and my music.

Final words to fans?

I am calling on all Gambian music lovers to come to my launching. Tsunami Foundation I represent thanks for the interview, am out.


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