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Exclusive: What’s On –Gambia visits Shy Boy Entertainment
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Exclusive: What’s On –Gambia visits Shy Boy Entertainment


The emergence of Shy Boy Entertainment has clearly contributed in strengthening the Gambian music industry. This music firm runs one of the country’s most respected recording studios.

Shy Boy Entertainment Studio is situated in the premises of YMCA, on the MDI Road. They work with all types of music and are always on the lookout for new and exciting musicians.

“Whatever your musical vision, we can help you achieve it,” said Alhassan Jallow, popularly known as Hanson.  He’s the founder of the firm and the main producer and engineer at their MDI Road studio.

Hanson attended the Gold Seal Music Institute in West London, where he studied Music Production. Unlike many young Gambians in the diaspora, he decided to return home to participate in developing the country. Amazing!

The British-trained producer started Shy Boy Entertainment Studio in 2009 and since then he has worked with almost all young Gambian artists.Shy Boy

“Jamaica’s Luciano have been here and also popular artists from Senegal, Nigerian and other parts of the world,” added Hanson.

His business is not a one-man-show.  DJ Culture (Ebrima Jarju) is the Studio Manager and Bun Lion Njie is the keyboard player.

“Shy Boy Entertainment is a family. Ask any artists; when they come here they feel like home. We don’t put money first but instead our priority is to create new opportunities for local musicians,” said Bun.

When What’s On- Gambia visited the studio, the corridor was packed full with budding artists. Inside was the rapper, Big Faa. He was recording his upcoming single, Bai Faal Love.

“Jali Madi is part of the single and he is on his way to record his part,” the rapper disclosed to What’s On-Gambia.

Hanson is not only a producer and engineer; sometimes he steps in as a coach. During his session with Big Faa, he encouraged the rapper to get emotionally connected to the song.

Singing is unquestionably one of the most popular careers among young people. They want to become household names, but most of them have no idea of what it takes to become a professional musician. The newcomers that come to Shy Boy Entertainment Studio usually have tone and pitch problems and some of them run out of breath too soon.  Hanson and his crew are always there to help them acquire the basic knowledge required to launch a singing career.

“Some of them have vocal ‘magic’ but they don’t know how to use it. There are also others who want to become singers but they don’t have the money to pay for studio time,” added Hanson.

Shy Boy 2Popular artists like Bro K, Badibunka, Cyco and Brain Kraka are currently signed to Shy Boy Entertainment.

“Hanson knows what direction I want to take my music. He is a nice guy and very helpful to upcoming artists. I can’t ask for a better producer than him,” said Bro K, in an earlier interview with What’s On-Gambia.

Bro K’s hit single, sunkuntu was produced by Shy Boy Entertainment. The single is currently one of the hottest tracks in the country and in heavy rotation with both radio and mobile DJs.

The following are some of Shy Boy Entertainment’s projects in the pipeline;

-          Bull Dega Riddim ft. top Gambian artists – a fusion of dancehall reggae and afro-manding.

-          Singers’ Choice Riddim ft top Gambian artists – strictly reggae.

-          April 26, 2013 – release and launching of Bro K’s mix tape at Jakarlo a.k.a Center Stage.

-          Creation of a band – to support artists during recording sessions and live performances.

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