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EXPLICIT & VULGAR CONTENT: The Gambia’s most epic online feud of all time!
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EXPLICIT & VULGAR CONTENT: The Gambia’s most epic online feud of all time!

Drugs in a pussy, stinky pussy, leaky pussy, sucking of penis, enjoyable sex and pussy like a hot cake. These words of vile aspersion are of Gambian diaspora women Adama Danso and Nyima Sanyang in what has become the most epic Gambian online feud of all time.

It’s now over one week since Oslo-based girl, Adama Danso (Adou) unleashed a tirade at Nyima who accused her of bedding her husband, Baboucarr Kora.

Taking to WhatsAPP, an angry Nyima labeled her former love rival as a shameless hoe.

She wrote: “Worthless piece of nothing. You should go kill yourself, I feel sorry for you jumping from one man to another. Shameless hoe is this all your life is about.”

The Stockholm-based woman, originally from Bakau, added: “Nobody wants you. They all going to fuck you and dump you. At the end of the day, you are the type of girl nobody takes out in public.”

Nyima said Adou was a disgrace to her family. She accused her of hiding drugs in her private parts for drug peddlers in Oslo.

“That is why your fucking pussy leaks everywhere you go, because of the drug you put in your ass and pussy to transport them. Drug dealing hoe!”

But it didn’t take long for Adou to hit back. In a recorded phone quarrel, she revealed explicit details about her bedroom activities with Baboucarr.

“I did to him worse than what Drake did to Rihanna in the Work video. I climbed on him. I rode him hard and he moaned his approval very loudly. I banged him; I sucked his penis and showed him what enjoyable sex is when you have the right girl in bed.”

The mother-of-one said her vagina is like a hot cake and that is why men run after her.

“But for you, your vagina is stinky even your husband told me,” she said referring to Nyima’s private parts. “Your husband doesn’t love you and you know that. He married you because he just wanted papers.”

Adou, who was poised to have the last laugh, took the war to Facebook, accusing her former love rival of shoplifting from duty-free shops in the Swedish capital.

“You claim to be a classy woman. But I have a few questions for you: would a classy woman steal chicken from a grocery store? No. Would a classy woman steal from the duty free and put the goods in the bag of their child? No. Would a classy woman steal gold accessories from an old acquaintances or friends? No.”

The Oslo-based girl called out Nyima’s husband as a drug dealer.

“Your husband is a no good, sorry ass, ass licking drug dealer. So before you spread rumours about other people, you should check yourself and your so-called boo. Nobody wants him, so don’t embarrass yourself for that scum.”

Adou threatened to either throw acid on Baboucarr’s wife or poison her to death. 


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