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Fashion with Mariam: Discover the right hijab style for your face
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Fashion with Mariam: Discover the right hijab style for your face

Hi everyone, hope you guys had a wonderful Eid with family and friends! May all our fast, good deeds and prayers be accepted in sah Allah. 

This post is going to be about hijab for different face shapes. A lot of sisters find it quite difficult when it comes to determining which hijab style that looks best on them. Wearing the right hijab can be just as important as wearing the right clothes to fit your body shape or the right haircut to suit your face shape. Here are few tips for how to wear your hijab according to your face shape. 

The square face 

If you have a square face then I would recommend you to not pull the hijab too tight under, this will leave you showing off your jaw even more. Try and pin your hijab around your forehead in a rounder shape.  

The round face  

If you have the round face you need to avoid under caps/under scarfs/bonnets that are pulled down over your forehead since it shortens your face. I am guessing that you are most likely wanting to disguise those cheeks and chins as much as possible. What you want to do here is elongen your face, let the hijab fall against your cheeks and chin loosely. Avoid pushing to much under the chin, in this way you will create more fold and add texture to your hijab. This will give an illusion of a more oval face shape. 

The oval face 

The square face is often considered by many as "the perfect" face shape. Those of you with the oval face will look beautiful in almost any hijab style. When wearing the hijab simple let your hijab fall naturally against your face shape when styling. Wrap your hijab around your face and frame it and voila you are good to go. 

The heart /Triangular face 

To my beautiful sisters with heart shaped faces, you look best in looser hijab styles. Try and pin your hijab under your chin and frame it right at the edges of your jaw. This will give you more even face proportions. 

The long/Rectangular face 

Those of you with the rectangular face shape should avoid the hijab styles that will cling tightly around your face this will show off your elongated head even more. Try pulling your under cap down your forehead to shorten the length, show off your cheekbones as much as possible to create a width to your face. My best tips here would be to avoid hiding your eyebrows and forehead. 

Good luck guys hope you will find these tips helpful. 

If there is a specific topic or tips you want me to do a post about, don't hesitate to email me at and I will do my level best to feature it here at What’s On-Gambia. 

Have a great week ahead! 

Photos courtesy of misshijabi


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