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Five reasons why Gambians love Ousmane Sonko
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Five reasons why Gambians love Ousmane Sonko

From a whistleblower to an opposition leader, here are five reasons why Gambians love Senegal's Ousmane Sonko:  

  1. He's from Casamance in Southern Senegal, where some Gambians have close relatives. They see Ousmane Sonko as a bridge between The Gambia and Senegal.
  2. Unlike many politicians in the Senegambia region, Ousmane Sonko is a phenomenal orator. His speaking does inspire and encourage many young people. 
  3. He is far more level headed and correct on most matters than President Macky Sall. Since he entered politics, Ousmane Sonko never tried to be anyone but himself. 
  4. He's a decent human being. Macky Sall and his criminals rarely criticise Ousmane Sonko for lack of empathy because his party, Pastef is well known for standing up for the weak and the vulnerable.
  5. He's a devout Muslim and has regularly spoken about the impact of Islam on his life. Ousmane Sonko is said to memorize the Holy Qur'an.

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