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Gambia’s 12 most powerful female politicians
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Gambia’s 12 most powerful female politicians

Here are 12 outstanding female politicians of The Gambia who have broken barriers and proved that a female can be as good a politician as a male. 

Aji Yam Secka 

She is the deputy party leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Aji Yam Secka is widely believed to be one of the longest-serving female members of the UDP.  

Maimuna Ceesay-Darboe 

A former UDP member, Maimuna is now one of the most powerful women in the newly formed National People's Party (NPP). She is very close to the First Family and was among the first to endorse Barrow's reelection bid. 

Rohey Malick Lowe 

She's the mayor of Banjul - the first female to occupy that position via election. Rohey Malick is unquestionably a very powerful female politician.  

Mberry Sowe 

A heavyweight in the former ruling party, the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), Mberry is among the leaders who kept the APRC alive after the departure of former President Jammeh.  

Tina Faal 

She's an experienced politician who once served as a nominated National Assembly member. Tina is an executive member of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC). 

Fatoumatta Jahumpa 

Although she holds no executive position in the APRC, Fatoumatta is one of the most respected women in the party. She occupied different positions in the former regime including the speaker of the National Assembly

Touma Njie

She's a National Assembly member, who is currently vying to be elected as the leader of the People's Progressive Party (PP). If elected by her colleagues, Touma will become the first woman in Gambian history to lead a political party. 

Tida Kijera 

Tida is the national women mobiliser at the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC). She's also among the founding members of the party. Tida is a former primary school teacher.  

Ya Kumba Jaiteh 

The president of the youth female wing of the UDP, Ya Kumba Jaiteh is a nominated National Assembly member. She's a lawyer who bagged her law degree in England.  

Amie Sillah 

Amie is a veteran educationist who joined politics after the formation of the People's Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) in 1986. She's the first female member of the party.  

Mam Sai Njie

She is among the first women in Banjul to join the APRC after its formation in 1996. Mam Sai once served as acting mayor at the Banjul City Council. She's still a formidable woman in the APRC.  

Maimuna Baldeh 

A newcomer in Gambian politics, Maimuna is the acting women mobiliser in the NPP. Her husband is a permanent secretary in the Barrow government.


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