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Gambian teenagers living abroad: A chat with Serahule girl, Hadi Drammeh
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Gambian teenagers living abroad: A chat with Serahule girl, Hadi Drammeh

Hadi Drammeh is one of the many Gambian teenagers living abroad with their families. She was born in Spain and later moved to the UK.

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us briefly about yourself.

Hadi: My name is Hadi Drammeh and I'm 17 years old. I live in Birmingham, but was born in Spain. I came to the UK 5 years ago. I'm currently studying Business and Administration at college; this is my second year. My future plans are to become a self-employer as a business lady

How often do you visit The Gambia?

I have only been to Gambia once in my life and planning to go soon again Insha'Allah.

Do you speak fluent Serahule?

No, I don't.

What happened?

I don't really speak Serahule that much at home or with friends, my main languages are Spanish and English.

So your parents speak Spanish to you?

Yes at home we all speak Spanish.

How do you communicate with your family in the village in Upper River Region?

I try my best (laughs).

Like how?

I don't really have full conversations with them. I do understand what they tell me but kind of difficult when I have to replay in certain words.

Are you blaming your parents for your inability to speak fluent Serahule?

Not really, I blame myself for not paying attention.

How was it like growing up in Spain?

Really nice! Great!


It was lovely, the people I was around with in the area we all got along. It is a small town and we all know each other, it's a great place to live.

Why did you and your family move to UK?

Loads of businesses were getting shut down and my dad came to England for like a month and found a better job so we all moved to UK.

When did you start wearing the hijab?

3 years ago.


When I came here, in the UK, it was totally different.  I saw loads of young teenage girls wearing headscarves, and one day I decided to wear it myself and since then I loved it.

Was your family surprised?

Yes, they were and then my mother started to wear it too.

Were you a stubborn daughter?

(Laughs) yeah I was before, not anymore.

Stubborn like?

I used to be naughty and never listen to people at all.

Even your parents?

No, no never that!

Thanks for your time!

You welcome!


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