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Gfaal angers music lovers after asking fans to buy him a laptop
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Gfaal angers music lovers after asking fans to buy him a laptop

DJ Gfaal recently incurred the wrath of some music lovers for asking his fans to help him purchase a new laptop. 

The popular DJ wrote on Facebook; “From my recent stolen LAPTOP, I have realised that there are so many well-wishers and good fans of Gfaal and the G Click Family in Gambia and abroad. As a result some told me to ask all fans of Gfaal, GClick and Gambian music lovers to help and donate a new laptop to G Click Family in order to continue operations as soon as possible.” 

He later contacted What’s On-Gambia asking for our support in spreading his ‘appeal for help’. We posted it on our Facebook page, but unfortunately some people weren’t impressed with Gfaal’s move and they refused to hold back with their criticism. 

T-jay Skiiny Bah wrote; “Hahahaha funny. The guy always claims that he should be recognized as a celeb yet he can't buy a simple laptop. Someone who said he’s signed by an American label asking for donations huh! Really ironical!” 

Jatou Bah in America added; “Lmao..Is this a joke???? The day that a DJ cannot afford his own laptop is the day he should stand in front of the mirror, slap himself a few times then say to himself "career change" chey allah.” 

Ousman Conteh was also amazed by Gfaal’s request for assistance. He wrote; I can’t believe that such a top artist and DJ in the Gambia like Gfaal can't afford to buy a laptop for himself.” 

But Fatoumatta Joma Camara had a suggestion for the popular DJ; “I don't know you but my hubby is a DJ and I have an idea for you, just organize a party and charge for entrance that way your fans will come and support you. Use your profits from the party to buy a new laptop hope this helps and good luck!” 

What’s On-Gambia contacted an international DJ to gauge his opinion on Gfaal’s move to get his fans to buy him a new laptop. He said; “I don’t think that was a wise move. He should have organized an event and from the gate fees, he can get himself a good laptop. But I guess he is still a young DJ and learning about the profession every day.” 

Our reporter contacted Gfaal via Facebook to hear his response, but he declined to reply. 

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