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Girl speaks for the first time about sex tape scandal: ‘He ruined my life!’
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Girl speaks for the first time about sex tape scandal: ‘He ruined my life!’

Girl, 18, has finally broken her silence after her ex-boyfriend, Salifu Keita allegedly leaked a video showing them having sex in a bedroom.  The girl told What’s On-Gambia that she’s now living a life of nightmare.  

She asked us to protect her identity. Read below for our interview with the teenager on the scandal that rocked the nation. 

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us about that day you went to Salifu’s house and how you ended up having sex that was filmed? 

Girl: I went to school; it was my final year at Glory Baptist. He came to pick me up with his car. We went to Sukuta, where he was renting. 

I went to the toilet to pee, and when I came out he asked me to undress. I refused and he threatened me with scissors. That is why the video started late, because we were pushing and pulling. 

I was scared and I didn’t know he was filming us. If you look at the video, he kept pushing my face away anytime I looked at the direction of the laptop. 

Why did he decide to leak the tape? 

We had a problem and he told me that he will put it on Facebook and also show it to my friends. He is the one who leaked it! 

How did you meet Salifu? 

We met on a street in Serre Kunda in 2012 and he asked me out. That was how we started dating. 

So easy! Are you still dating? 

No. We’re no longer together. He keeps texting me, talking nonsense. 

But why are you friends on Facebook? 

My family wanted me to trace his whereabouts and that’s why I did not unfriend him. 

Is it true you once stopped your dad from reporting Salifu to the police? 

That is not true. 

He said you knew everything about the tape and now you just want to put him in trouble. 

He is lying. He just wants to cover himself. My mum was at the police station today. 

What was she doing there? 

To report him. 

But Salifu is in the USA. How can the Gambian police help? 

My uncle in the USA needs a police report so that they can pursue him wherever he is hiding in America. 

According to him, the tape is now two years old. Do you remember the date? 

It was on the 21st November, 2012 and we started dating on the 6th July, 2012. 

How old were you? 


Two years ago, and you’re now 18… 

I’m turning 19 on the 29th April. 

Was that the first time you had sex with him? 

No. That was the second time. 

Is it true that Salifu is bi-sexual and has a white boyfriend? 

I don’t know about that, but he is capable of doing anything. 

What about the rumor that he is fond of filming his sexual encounters with girls? 

I don't know anything about that. 

Are you living in Senegal now? 

Yes, that is true. My dad wants me to leave The Gambia. 

So you are not returning to The Gambia? 

My dad is yet to decide on that. Anything he say rek. 

Is he Senegalese? 


Are you angry with Salifu? 

Yes, I’m very angry with him. He ruined my life! He used me and humiliated me. 

What have you learned from the scandal? 

Lots of things! Sometimes, I feel like killing myself. 

Don’t worry; you will certainly come out of it stronger than ever. 

Thank you. 

The interview was discontinued. The 18-year-old is still undergoing intense emotional pain. She is clearly flooded with fear and anxiety, and the healing process can take longer than expected if she doesn’t get the right support. 

The boy, Salifu has now deactivated his Facebook account and he is hiding somewhere in the USA.  According to unconfirmed sources, the US Embassy in The Gambia was contacted by the girl’s family.


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