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Give them visa! 12 celebrities hit hard by ‘overstay’
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Give them visa! 12 celebrities hit hard by ‘overstay’


Frustrated that you’re still unable to step foot in Europe or America? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. What’s On-Gambia brings you 12 famous celebrities who ‘overstayed’ because of their inability to bag a visa.

Xmyles:He is the co-founder of the Open Mic Festival – the most famous music festival in the country. Xmyles has more than a decade experience working in the music business.

DJ Fireman: His passionate style of reggae DJ-ing has made him a household name in The Gambia. Unlike his biggest rival, Pisces, he has never warmed an airport bench.

DJ Gfaal:Ndeysan, he tried several times to enter Europe by hooking up with toubab women, but it never worked. Gfaal is a famous DJ.

Fanta Ceesay:Fondly known as Madam Horoscope, Fanta is a model and TV presenter. She so much loves America that whenever she is on air she puts on a fake American accent.

Afroodeezy Njie:Since her return from Saudi Arabia, where she was living with her family, Afrodeezy has never boarded a flight. But alhamdulilah, she is right now in Dakar chilling.

Pa Abdou Waggeh: He is undoubtedly one of the most famous videographers in the country, but Pa Abdou is still unable to bag a visa.

Sista Njie: She is a radio personality, best known for being the long-running presenter of Wah Sahalat  - the country’s most famous radio talk show.

Manding Morry:One of the most famous young musicians, but still unable to get a visa stamped inside his passport.

Artical Slice:He tried millions of times to enter Europe. Article is one of the veteran DJs of the country.

ST:Who is going to invite ST? During a recent interview with an online radio he appealed to Gambian organisations in the Diaspora to invite them (musicians) to their cultural events.

Danny Constant:He claims to be the country’s most sought-after event MC, but still the dude is unable to get a visa.

Anna Manneh:Ndeysan, she is trying so hard to convince a Sweden-based semester to marry her – but that story coming soon. 

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