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Haja Bai Sillah, 21, jumps to her death over love
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Haja Bai Sillah, 21, jumps to her death over love

A 21-year-old girl, who mused to her friends about committing suicide, has jumped to her death on Sunday from the dizzying heights of the 4th floor of an apartment building in Girona, Spain.

Lovesick Haja Bai Sillah, according to our sources, killed herself because they wouldn’t let her get married to the boy she loved.

She wanted to settle down with famous Serahule rapper, Kairaboy Soulja, with whom she had a child.

A source disclosed: “Serahules still believe in the caste system which led to Haja killing herself. The boy is ahorreh (noble) and the girl garankeh (smith).”

In traditional Serahule society, members of each caste and sub-caste are to marry within their own endogamous group.

Reacting to Haja’s sudden demise, Serahule DJ, Muhammed Baba Sissoho of Hot FM said it’s time to tackle and eradicate the caste system.

He wrote on Facebook: “Sometimes, I ask why  can’t we not marry each other? It’s time to stand against such culture and do what Allah says.”

An official of the Gambian Embassy in Spain on Monday told What’s On-Gambia that they are waiting for the Spanish police to send them their report on the death of Haja Bai Sillah.

Just a few days before her death, Haja, a famous girl on social media, posted a photo of herself on Facebook wishing her friends a happy Ramadan.

“Still can't believe you gone so soon my dear little sister and daughter. I pray Allah forgives all your sins, have mercy on your soul and grant you Jannatul Firdwas. May your soul rest in perfect peace,” one Mariama Sillah wrote on her wall.

Mamzy Batchilly of Crevillente, Spain added: “Rest In peace my lovely sister.”


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