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Halifa Sallah’s popularity soars after European tour
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Halifa Sallah’s popularity soars after European tour

The popularity of Halifa Sallah and his party, People's Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) is soaring after his recent European tour, where he met hundreds of Gambian migrants.

According to political pundits, the PDOIS leader could win should a presidential election be held today.

During his tour that took him to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Austria, Halifa was treated to a rock star’s welcome. He’s the first presidential aspirant in the history of the country to meet Gambians in five European countries in a single trip.

Former GRTS news presenter, Fatou Dibba, who was keenly following Halifa’s tour, said the PDOIS leader is one of the few public figures that talks about rebuilding The Gambia with genuine passion and really wants Gambians to understand how good governance works.

“I actually trust him more than any of the old school politicians,” said Fatou.

“Frankly, I think this man would be satisfied whether he ever becomes President or not, just seeing Gambia scale up and on a path of effective development.”

Unsurprisingly, Halifa’s soaring popularity is beginning to worry the United Democratic Party (UDP). Some of the party’s surrogates in the Diaspora claimed the PDOIS leader’s demographic support base isn't diverse enough to win him the presidency.


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