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Heartbroken girl accuses Club DJ Jatou Mbowe of trying to steal her boyfriend
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Heartbroken girl accuses Club DJ Jatou Mbowe of trying to steal her boyfriend

After sparking controversy on Instagram by posting a provocative photo of herself lighting a cigarette, Jatou Mbowe a.k.a Tha Boss Chick is once again in the spotlight. 

Her former best friend, now living in Germany, Aja Sonko is accusing her of chasing her boyfriend. She told What’s On-Gambia that it was few weeks ago she found out Tha Boss Chick was sending her beau nude photos and videos. 

“I was just going through my boyfriend’s phone and noticed that she blocked Jatou on his WhatsApp Messenger. I called her to find out if they had any problem and she told me to ask my boyfriend. I began to suspect that something was wrong. My boyfriend told me she was bothering him with unnecessary conversations. I called her again to find out and she started accusing him of chasing her,” she said. 

Aja became friends with the controversial DJ in 2007, and bonded further when they were working at Africell’s marketing department. They both resigned on the same day and started working for First International Bank (FIB). 

She said she was convinced that Tha Boss Chick was purposely out to steal her boyfriend.  The heartbroken girl sent What’s On-Gambia naked photos and a short video of her (Tha Boss Chick) performing a sex act. 

“She was doing everything to take my boyfriend from me and just imagine, we were best friends.  When I confronted her she denied sending him the sex video.” 

Aja is still in a relationship with her beau but disclosed that she wants nothing more to do with her former best xarit. 

She added: “Jatou is just wicked. I don’t think any guy would want to date her. She is an ungrateful b**ch!” 

Tha Boss Chick, however, has denied the allegation. She told What’s On-Gambia:  “Aja was my friend and we were very close. Her boyfriend started chasing me when they were on a break. He told me they were not in a love relationship and that Aja is just a gold digger.” 

The DJ revealed that Aja’s boyfriend once sent her an invitation to come to Europe for holiday. 

“He promised to sponsor the whole trip, but I refused to apply for a visa. He sent me money numerous times.” 

She added: “ He was here in January 2013 and when I saw him, for the first time, I knew direct that he is not my type. He is very foolish. I stopped talking to him, but he kept sending me messages saying how much he was craving for my body and lips and other non-senses.” 

When asked if she had ever sent him a video performing a sex act, Tha Boss Chick declined to go into detail, but did confess that she made sex videos in the past. 

“Come on, we live in a modern world. I do sex videos for people I love. I’ve not seen the video she is talking about. I don’t know how her boyfriend got it.” 

In addition, the Crystal Lounge DJ told What’s On-Gambia: “She is just making me more popular by distributing the video online. She has done lot of dirt that I’m not talking about. We could have sorted this out as divas.” 

Tha Boss Chick, who once worked for West Coast Radio, is well known for her wild and crazy antics. She recently went on a massive Instagram rant. 

She wrote: “….90% of da fake a** hoes creeping on ma Instagram smoke more than I f**king do!! They be like ‘rachang la’ she drink….Bit**es be soo drunk they can’t event walk straight….They be like ‘farri jamburri la deh nekal’….these bit**es be having 3 kids with different surnames and one of the baby daddy’s is another chicks hubby…’chagala’…well I’d rather be f**king independent and live on ma own than be on tour with different men in different beds! I guess my life is ur f**king amusement….”


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