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Hot B is back, releases new album
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Hot B is back, releases new album

Gambian rapper, Hot B is currently making noise with the release of his third album, Hip Hop Still. 

“The album is only available online, but hardcopies will be in stores in The Gambia and Senegal on the 4th December 2013,” he told What’s On-Gambia. 

According to him, Hip Hop Still contains 13 tracks featuring guest rappers from The Gambia, USA, Canada, Spain and Senegal. 

Hot B was one of the country’s most promising rappers before he travelled to Norway to join his wife. Despite family commitments, he is still focus on his rap career with the hope to make it big one day.

The rapper was born in Farafeni in 1980, but grew up in Senegal. In 2000, he returned to the country and was living in Bakoteh. 

“I started rapping in Senegal, but it was in The Gambia that I launched my career.  My debut album was released in 2007 and this was shortly followed by the second album.” 

It was Hot B’s first album that gave him courage to head with rap music as his career. He has performed on several local concerts and done shows of his own. 


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