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How Bouba Ndour is exploiting Gambian musicians
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How Bouba Ndour is exploiting Gambian musicians

He celebrated with joy after signing a contract with Bouba Ndour, one of Senegal’s most recognized producers. Ranking Fire wanted Bouba to catapult him to international stardom.

But after few months with the producer, he was surprisingly dropped. The popular reggae singer later moved to Sweden in search of better opportunities.

Bouba Ndour once hailed Ranking Fire as a major talent and promised to make him a huge star in the Senegambia region. But what went wrong?

Sources said things weren’t just working out between the two.  After featuring in one of Viviane Ndour’s songs, Ranking’s solo career never took off as Bouba promised.

Speaking to What’s On-Gambia, the former Born African vocalist insisted that he still has a cordial relationship with the Senegalese producer.

“Bouba Ndour is a good man. I was working with him and made one album, which is still waiting for the right time to be out. Bouba loves The Gambia. I was introduced to him by Hakim of the Sons of Light. When I was in Senegal, he took me to many shows and introduced me to different artists.”

Come on, nna kebba!

It’s now more than six years, Bouba is yet to release Ranking’s debut solo album.

As it turns out, the producer doesn’t give a toss about anything Gambia, all he is interested in is the money.

Recently, we have seen the introduction of Sen P'tit Gallé in the country.  The most recent Gambian contestant was Fatou Mbye. She didn’t win. The 13-year-old didn’t even come closer.

According to one Fatou Afo Drammeh, Bouba Ndour will never allow a Gambian to win the contest. “Bouba is too much! I knew he will eliminate Fatou, because he said it.”

Bouba and his brother, Youssour Ndour always claim to love The Gambia, but why are they not bothered about helping our struggling music industry?



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