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“I love my skin color and I want to stay natural” says radio DJ Suebreeze Coli
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“I love my skin color and I want to stay natural” says radio DJ Suebreeze Coli

Sometimes hidden behind the radio microphone is not only a hot voice but a pretty face.  Suwaidou Colley, also known as Suebreeze, is probably one of the most beautiful chicks on radio.  She’s just cute! 

The black beauty DJ was born in Pipeline in 1993, still a little girl. She started radio deejaying and presenting with Star FM, where she was co-host for the popular morning show, Wake Up Gambia. What’s On –Gambia caught up with her for a chat; 

What’s On-Gambia: What made you decide to become a DJ/radio presenter? 

Suebreeze: I naturally love music and at some point I felt that there was a change in Gambian music and I could play a role so I decided to jump into the wagon. Besides, I always had a thing for the media. I’ve been involved in media stuff, especially radio, since school days. Right now, I am a presenter and a DJ at the same time. I promote nothing but Gambian music. 

What special challenges do female DJs face in The Gambia? 

Sometimes, you encounter a lot of guys that are masters in stalking chicks just because of the cute voice they hear on radio (laughs). They start claiming that they know you, when they don’t.  One other challenge is the competition, you always want be the best.  Now we have lot of radios and DJs in the country. 

We heard DJs are the least paid in the country. How true is that? 

Well it depends on your agreement with the radio and how good you are. Personally, I am content with what I receive. 

Bleaching is common among girls. Just wondering, why did you decide not to whiten your skin tone? 

I love my skin color, I want to stay natural and hey my color is AWESOME! 

Any advice to girls that are bleaching their skin? 

Be appreciative of your color, bleaching is unhealthy and always be yourself. 

Is Suebreeze single? 

No. I met someone, but nothing official yet but soon rek. We’re getting to know each other better. 

Who is this guy? 

(Laughs) I’m not yet ready to spill the beans. Not now! He’s someone that you will want to know (laughs). 

How are you spending your Ramadan? 

Work, school and home and presently am also with GRTS (TV), so you going to be seeing me on the screen soon. 

Are you employed at GRTS? 

(Laughs) I’m on internship. 

What advice do you have for girls who want to try deejaying? 

Follow your passion, not just about the money and fame but do what you love doing. 

Sueebreeze is currently working with Hot FM and she is on air every Monday from 15:00-17:00. But according to her there might some changes soon, because of her engagement with GRTS. 



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