Senegalese Media: Dancer Ndèye Gueye Jr. lied about President Jammeh giving her millions

Written by B.Jeng

The Senegalese dancer, Ndèye Gueye Jr landed in a media storm, after disclosing on TV that the Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh gave her millions of CFA after dancing for him in Kanilai.

She revealed: “I was in Gambia, with Aida Dada and Yaya Jammeh gave us millions"

During the interview, the 25-year-old got emotional saying if they are paid millions, it’s because they deserved it. She went further to mention that dancing is hard

But according to a Senegalese magazine, Ndèye Gueye Jr was lying about the millions. She only received an envelope containing 400,000 CFA (D28, 800), a packet of natural hair and few clothes.

The Grand Yoff dancer is not likely to return to The Gambia. The magazine wrote that some Gambian authorities were incredibly disappointed and angry with her exaggeration.

Ndèye Gueye Jr whose real name is Fatoumata Mané first became known to the public eye after successfully taking part in Oscar des Vacances with the dance group Rakadiou.

She is not currently in good terms with her mentor, Ndèye Gueye Snr. The junior Ndèye even tried to change her name to Fatima alias Maci Johnson. Do Senegalese also admire the Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson?

Below is the interview;