Keep the votes coming! Ramatoulie Gassama tops Gambia’s Sexiest Woman Poll

Written by F. Mbye

In the first voting update provided by What’s On-Gambia for Gambia’s 20 Sexiest women poll, Ramatoulie Gassama-Jabang tops the list. 

The former Fatu Show presenter and youth activist is currently on the top spot. She is followed by Banjul Nightlife presenter, Ida Bidwell-Mbowe.   The wife of AfriRadio manager, Oumina Braima is in 3rd spot. 

Why is Ramatoulie leading with 35.7 percent of the votes (21st May update)? One of our readers said: “There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman with some serious smarts.”  The former TV presenter studied in the UK and returned to serve her country. 

But Ramatoulie is not the only famous woman on the list with interesting academic pedigree.  Cany Jobe is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Australia. Aminata Sallah, Fatou Khan, Khadija Muhammed Danso and Maria Sawaneh are all attending university. 

The poll had a slow start,  but voting is gradually picking up. Let’s see how the results will look like next week.  The voting started on the 17th May, 2013 and will end on the 30th June, 2013. 

To vote go to the homepage and click “Vote Sexy” and you’re there! Keep your votes coming!