Bootylicious! Butt enhancing becoming a norm in The Gambia

Written by F. Mbye


The Gambia is no longer the country where women are content with what they got. Women are increasingly becoming body conscious.  It’s no wonder we have fitness centers and fashion boutiques mushrooming all over the Greater Banjul area.

Many of our chepehs are now running to the market to get their booty pops, popularly known as hips. Yes, booty pops! If you go to Duplex nightclub or at the Sunday beach, you will surely come across girls with the booty pops.

“That’s why they easily get annoyed if you touch their back side,” said one Ebou Njie of Kololi.

In case you don’t know, a booty pop is an undergarment that women put on their rear end. It makes it look large and shapely – just like Nicki Minaj or our own Rugie!

“It’s about looking Nicki Minaj,” said Aisha Trawally, a huge fan of the American rapper.

Kumba Ceesay of Tallinding said she can’t understand why women are so obsessed with wearing tight fitting clothing or booty pops without feeling uncomfortable.

“It’s just disturbing the way guys stare at women with curves. Our society needs to change and stop objectifying women. Come on we are Muslims!”


A booty pop (hip) costs 175 dalasi at the Brikama Market.