Singateh’s secret affair with Rugie..was he cheating?

Written by Eddy Jatta

Singateh (Freaky Joe) enjoyed a “secretive and exciting” relationship with fellow artist Rugie, a reliable source disclosed to What’s On-Gambia.

The two famous singers started dating while they were recording Singateh’s popular song Livit Up for his Rejoice album.

“We were both surprised when they started flirting,” an ex-member of Singateh’s crew told What’s On-Gambia. “Rugie is beautiful and friendly, but the relationship was short-lived.”

The Livit Up singer was once quizzed about it during an interview with Starz Line on GRTS, but he refused to comment.

From another source, we are able to confirm that they are no longer a couple. The relationship ended amicably and the two celebs still has a professional relationship. Last year, Singateh invited Rugie again to feature in his song Tell Me.

 Rugie is now said to be dating a guy from one of the countries in the sub region and Singateh is in a relationship with a Gambian girl living abroad.


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