Hellen Zainab Maroun is becoming the most popular Gambian woman in Senegal

Written by Eddy Jatta


The Gambia’s Hellen Zainab Maroun, is becoming a familiar face and voice in Senegalese media. Not because she’s the daughter of supermarket tycoon, Paul Maroun, but because she is married to the lion of the arena, Balla Gaye II.

The question on everyone’s lips is – is it glamorous to be a champion wrestler’s second wife? Zainab, a Muslim convert, is seemingly enjoying her new found fame. In an interview with Senegalese newspaper, L’Observateur she praised her in-laws for welcoming her into the Sakho family.

According to rumors there is a bit of rivalry between Zainab and her co-wife, but the former Maroun Supermarket manager denied it. She told L’Observateur: “I don’t consider myself a co-wife. I’m a wife in every sense of the word and I am convinced that all women are first wives. I don’t bother myself with these ranks first, second or third wife. All that matters to me is to make my husband happy.”

Zainab 2a


Balla Gaye II’s first wife, Boury Bathily is not happy with having Zainab as a co-wife. Media reports disclosed that she once attempted to return to her parent’s house.