Not good for Gambian music: Sunland Music Studio going through tough times

Written by B. Jeng

Sunland 1

When music producer, Hakim Abdulsamad started purchasing new equipment for his Sunland Music Studio in Brufut, some group of thieves knew about it.

In mid-May, 2013, the thieves broke into the studio and went away with three apple laptops, two computer backpacks and four mobile phones.

Breaking the news to his friends on Facebook, Hakim wrote: “The studio cannot function at the moment. . . Many Gambian artists music is gone with the laptops: new music from Jalex, Dihadiva Jobe, Trobul Smallz, Mariam Sowe , Soninke Camara , Jalimadi,  Deejay Limbo , Nu Chilly , Eddie Conta , Khadija Mbowe , Royal Aziz, Rife, and many more are all gone.”

The case was reported to the police and they’re still investigating. According to information reaching What’s On-Gambia, no one has been arrested yet.

As Hakim and his team started to pick themselves up, another terrible thing happened again.  On the 7th June, he disclosed on Facebook that the one surviving computer at Sunland Music Studio fell off the desk and on the floor, leaving a huge crack down the screen.

“Just when we thought we were about to get back to work. . . Send prayers and light, we need it!” the American-born producer wrote.

This is not obviously good for the Gambian music industry, an industry that is still struggling to stand on its own two feet.

Musician Egalitarian wrote:  “It will all come back with more light for the suns of light... keep faith and you will see it through.”

Veteran music promoter, Oko Drammeh also added his voice: “Sorry bro, could be a test of spirit. Better days are coming.”


What’s On-Gambia is not yet sure if things are back to normal at the Sunland Music Studio. Hakim is also engulfed in a bitter feud with Africell over some of his sounds that are used as ringing tones. More on this soon!