Cess Ngum away in the USA with her two kids….husband stranded in The Gambia

Written by B. Jeng


Cess Ngum, maybe denying that her marriage is in trouble, but a reliable source disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that the popular singer and her husband are living separate lives. 

We can reveal that Cess is currently in the USA, together with her two children (one of them newly-born). Where is the husband? He is stranded in The Gambia with little possibility of returning to the USA to join his family. 

A friend to the husband said: “The marriage is in a very bad state and all that Cess wants is to spend time with her children. She recently gave birth, in the USA, to their second child.” 

The friend added that the sexy singer is not likely to return to The Gambia too soon and maybe that is the reason why she decided to take the first child along. 


The husband, who was working at the Gambian Embassy in the USA, was sacked from his job. He returned to The Gambia to look for new opportunities. Currently, the former journalist-turned-diplomat is working with Pristine Consulting, a business own by two brothers that used to live in the USA.