Serre Kunda girl admits to being a former party girl, but denies dating Modou Lo

Written by B. Jeng

Modou lo

Is Senegalese wrestling champion, Modou Lo having a romantic relationship with a girl living in the Serre Kunda area? 

Reports reaching What’s On-Gambia revealed that the popular wrestler is following the footsteps of his archrival, Balla Gaye II, who is now married to Gambia’s Zainab Hellen Maroun. 

According to our source, Modou Lo is madly in love with the Gambian girl (name withheld). The relationship is allegedly on a break, as the wrestler prepares to square up to Eumeu Sene in what is undoubtedly the biggest bout of his career. 

“The girl likes to party, but Modou Lo banned her from clubbing,” added our source. 

In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, the girl said: “Yes, I used to go clubbing but nowadays I’m hardly out. I’ve so many vital things to concentrate on. I seriously don’t know why some people get into people’s private life than handling their own problems. I don’t discuss about my personal affair. It’s my life let them keep talking my ears are on the air to people’s gossips.” 

When asked if there is any relationship between her and Modou Lo, the beautiful and popular young girl replied: “All I can say is that it’s not true point blank. It’s all jealousy but God will see me through inshalla.” 

The girl declined to comment on what kind of relationship she has with the wrestler. Gambian girls are increasingly becoming obsessed with wrestling champions - is it the money or the fame?