I’m sorry! Sweden’s Isatou Sawaneh apologizes for insulting Gambians

Written by Aisha J

Isatou Sawaneh and her friends have apologized for using vulgarity to refer to Gambians on Facebook live, admitting they crossed the line.

The Stockholm-based girls drew backlash after describing Gambians as liars and hypocrites.  Many called the comment “disgusting”.

In a Facebook post shortly after deleting the video, Isatou wrote: "My apologies to all Gambians that got offended by my mistake about the video we made live on Facebook. We were just having fun.”

She continued: “I am here asking everyone forgiveness, am sorry to everyone about my mistake."

The young mother, who has more than 10,000 followers on Facebook, acknowledged they crossed the line with their language.

Isatou is one of the most popular Sweden-based Gambian girls on social media. She's witty and funny, but sometimes enjoys causing controversy online.