Essa says TRRC will not investigate assassination attempts on Jammeh

Written by Saja


The lead counsel at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), Essa Faal has revealed they will not investigate the multiple attempts to kill or topple former President Yahya Jammeh.  

Responding to a suggestion by witness Lamin Jarju that the TRRC should look into the coup d'etat attempts  against the former leader that led to the death of soldiers, the lead counsel said: "The TRRC agenda was set by a national legislation and that is what we go by, not the dictates or wishes of a particular individual." 

He added: "The Commission has already identified the issues it will look into and it will continue to do so, according to the rules that have been established by the Commission. This is supposed to be an enquiry into human rights violations. It is not an investigation for those whose husbands died in their line of duty. so therefore if the investigations do not incorporate that they should understand that it is simply because those were not human rights violations".  

Famous Facebook influencer, Bulli Sowe argued: "The TRRC has two options: they either accept that those killed in all those coups and attempted coups were justifiable OR they must also probe/investigate into the case of those soldiers who were massacred on the line of duty during these coups and counter-coups. It can't be one-sided." 

US-based Gambian medical doctor, Muhammed Tekanyi also said: "Essa must stop lying! We ain't all dumb to dance to the music he plays with his rubbish disclaimers. The TRRC is established and invested on for national healing and that includes the review of all right violations/abuses between July '94 and 2017 Jan." 

Witness Lamin Jarju was one of former President Jammeh's drivers. He is a sergeant in the Gambia Armed Forces.