George Gomez wants Lamin to be reclassified from village to town

Written by Eddy Jatta


George F. Gomez wants Lamin to be reclassified as a town, arguing that the village is now home to one of the best senior secondary schools in the country, a big new market and a bank. 

The former executive director of the Gambia National Olympic Committee wrote on Facebook: "I have seen Lamin Village grow from a small cluster of houses in the late 1950s when I was at the Yundum College to now. Lamin is now a big town and should be reclassified." 

He continued: " It is now home to one of the best Senior Secondary schools in the country, a big new market and a bank. The Police station in Banjuluding adequately covers the area. There is a big Mosque and two big Chuneedss. Lamin also needs a sports field and there is enough land to build one." 

When contacted by What's On-Gambia, Mr Gomez further argued: "When Banjul was reclassified and made a municipality there were less than 15,000 inhabitants. Lamin now has over that figure. In the Western sense and argument, a town should have a market, a post office, a bank, a recognised praying ground and a sizable population with a reasonable transport system." 

Commenting on his Facebook post, social media influencer Mathew Jallow wrote: "Your assessment here is on point. I used to live and teach in Lamin under the late George Ndecky. I hope they take your suggestions seriously." 

Former Youth and Sports Minister Alieu K Jammeh also commented: "Uncle George, send these brilliant suggestions to the relevant select committees of the national assembly. Include Farafeni in it as well."