Saffiyah is now Gambian men's favourite young woman

Written by Lamin Saidy


Saffiyah Joof, the young poet who recently launched an anti-feminism campaign, has won widespread support and praise from Gambian men.  

Doctor Muhammed Tekanyi , former diplomat Melville Roberts, social media influencer Pata Saidykhan and former newspaper editor Nanama Keita were among those who applauded Saffiyah for her opposition to feminism.  

In a recent Facebook post, the young poet said feminism is "blasphemous to our generation and the main agenda is to destroy our society." 

Saffiyah argued: "What is completely wrong or what I am against of is recruiting young women to become feminists. Telling them that they don't need a man and they can stand for themselves -creating a bridge between men and women to become enemies." 

One of her most outspoken supporters, Melville Roberts claimed feminism that revolves around Western ideologies and foreign cultures is backward, illogical, baseless and therefore has no place in The Gambia.. 

Pata Saidykhan said: “Saffiyah Joof brings a different argument to the table that they'd soon want her fed to the lions as uncivilized, men apologist impeding their cause."