Omar Wally denies resigning from Fatu Network

Written by Saja

Omar Wally

Famous journalist Omar Wally has denied circulating rumours that he resigned from the Fatu Network.  

"I am still working at the Fatu Network and very soon I will resurface with an interview with my good friend, APRC's General Bakso", he told What's On-Gambia

The Wuli-born journalist, who also works for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Deutsche Welle- Germany‚Äôs public international broadcaster, disclosed that his responsibilities at the Fatu Network include finding, reporting and presenting news.  

"It's good to hide sometimes," he said. 

A former student of the University of The Gambia, Omar is one of the most respected young journalists in the country. Some of his interviews with political leaders garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media.