Barrow was surrounded by Senegalese security guards during NPP launching

Written by Saja


Despite being provided with a bolstered security detail, President Adama Barrow doesn't seem to tire of hiring private security guards from neighbouring Senegal. 

At the launching of his National People's Party on Saturday, the Gambian leader was surrounded by more than five private security personnel. They were never far away from him as he greeted his supporters who thronged the Independence Stadium.  

According to a senior police officer, who begged for anonymity, Barrow is the first president to hire a foreign security force to watch over him and his family. 

"It's unprecedented," he said. 

Meanwhile, thousands of Gambians from different parts of the country were at the stadium to witness the launching of the NPP, which was registered with the Independent Electoral Commission in December 2019. 

Barrow disclosed that he established his party "to provide a platform for us to collectively fight the social divisions, political cracks and institutional failures that have persistently undermined the peace, stability, progress and development of our dear motherland."