Doctors get pay rise, but nurses and other health workers snubbed

Written by Saja

Doctors nurses

There was anger as it was announced by the government that doctors and PhD holders in the public healthcare sector will receive a pay rise. 

The announcement, which came after a cabinet meeting that was chaired by President Adama Barrow, excluded nurses and other public healthcare workers.  

A former policy adviser at the Ministry of Health, Sulayman Gagigo argued that the pay rise should be scrapped because it doesn't recognise the sacrifices that health workers make to care for the sick and protect the healthy.  

He said Health Minister Dr Ahmadou Samateh shouldn't be allowed to create "divisions or destroy the ministry".  

"The potential implication of this decision is a likelihood demand from the nurses and public health officers for similar treatment failure of which may lead to industrial action," Gagigo wrote in a Facebook post.  

He added: "Another fundamental challenged this decision may create is high movement of doctors from the hospitals, where they are needed most, to policy or administrative functions. The parliament should reject it when included in the next budget. If already included, then it should advise the Permanent Secretary, PMO and Finance not to implement it." 

A nurse in Farafenni, who begged for anonymity, said Minister Samateh will destroy the ministry if not replaced as soon as possible.  

"He is becoming a dictator. If you ever speak against him, you're gone. I have nothing against him, but this is who he is since his appointment as minister."