Thief breaks into car, steals bag with D1.8million

Written by Lamin Saidy


Police are still investigating after someone who broke into a car outside Malak Chemist on Kairaba Avenue and stole a bag that contained D1.8million cash.  

The incident happened on the 29th January at around 5pm.  

A source disclosed that the victim, who begged not to be identified, is a prominent businessman in the country's banking and finance sector. 

"He's my boss and what he told me was that there were two bags containing money on the back seat of his jeep. He was from Bloom Bank and decided to buy some drugs at Malak. While he was in the pharmacy, the thief broke into the car and fled with one of the bags containing D1.8m," said the source. 

He continued: "Since the case was reported to the police, they are still unable to gather any information that could lead to the recovery of the stolen money. 

"My boss was recently at Zenith Bank, which is right opposite Malak Chemist, to appeal to them to check their CCTV footages. They refused. Now, we have no option but to wait for the police to complete their investigation, which is moving at a snail's pace."  

Anyone with information is asked to contact the nearest police station or call: +220 7558732.