This Gambian mum and daughter look like they're sisters

Written by Eddy Jatta

Mum and daughter

Despite their age gap, people often think that Rabbioba Marreh, fondly known as Aunty, is her teenage daughter's sister.  

The duo, who lives in the United Kingdom since 2011, recently started a talk show on Facebook and users on the social media platform were quick to point out that they look like they're in the same age group. 

A source close to them disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "The teenage girl's name is Mama. She's her mum's first child and they enjoy a very close relationship."  

She added: "Her father is a Nigerian who was living and working in The Gambia as a teacher. They all moved to England in 2011". 

Their online talk show, Mother and Daughter Talk, is expected to grab the attention of dozens of Gambians on Facebook. Some of their prominent followers include Nfally Fadera, Mariama Colley and Prince Almameh James Manga.