Sare Gubu: One of the most intellectual villages in URR

Written by Gainde

Sare Gubu

Sare Gubu, a tiny village in the district of Sandu in the Upper River Region, is becoming increasingly famous for producing some of the country's brightest young intellectuals.  

Some of these intellectuals are members of the Sare Gubu Students Association (SGSA), where they encourage children in the village to take their education seriously.  

About SGSA 

Established in 2013, the association has over 40 registered members. Its objectives include:  

  1. Promoting education in the village
  2. Rendering voluntary services to the village

Every year, SGSA organises a public lecture that brings school-going children together to remind them about the significance of obtaining higher education. 

This year's public lecture took place last month at the Sare Gubu Basic Cycle School. The guest speaker was a young banker, Amie Bah and she spoke on the importance of girls' education.  

Amie is the first female to be invited to the village to deliver a public lecture. She was able to inspire a lot of young girls to stay in school and become professionals in different fields.