Comedian Tida Jobe reveals she's now single

Written by Aisha J


During her appearance on the Playlist on Kerr Fatou, famous comedian Tida Jobe confirmed she's back in the market after rumours about her split with her German husband. 

Although she refused to give details about the split, Tida admitted that she is single. 

"I am getting divorced soon," she disclosed. 

The comedian added: "We mutually decided to break up. There was no fight or anything like that. He's still there for me." 

She further revealed that her estranged husband is one of her biggest fans saying: "He always shares my videos with his friends in Germany for them to watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel.” 

As for how she feels about being single, she said, “I just want to continue doing my videos. I want to concentrate." 

Tida is one of the most followed Gambian comedians on social media. She has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram.