Da Boss Lady reveals she doesn't wear underwear

Written by Aisha J


In a recent chat with Senegalese YouTuber, Adamo Boss dei Negri, the Gambian queen of TikTok has disclosed she doesn't like to wear underwear. 

"I hate underwear," said the Da Boss Lady. 

The famous US-based TikToker, who has more than 220,000 followers, argued it is very important to give the vagina room to breathe. 

She recommended that women should skip the underwear entirely when they are at home to allow some air to enter their private parts. 

Talking about her critics who always insult her online, Da Boss Lady said: "Their mothers are worst than me. They sit at the market to sell their vaginas." 

She added: "Nobody owns me. I am an adult and I do what pleases me." 

According to her Facebook account, the TikToker lives in the US state of Georgia and works in the restaurant industry. She's a single mum.