Government officials accused of stealing taxpayers money to build mansions in Salagi and other places

Written by Eddy Jatta

Government officials

One of the most famous radio journalists, Pa Nderry Touray of Star FM has accused government officials of stealing taxpayers money to build mansions in Salagi, Bijilo, Brusubi and Mariama Kunda. 

He wrote on his Facebook account:" Looking around places like Bijilo, Brusubi, Salaji, Mariama Kunda and the steadily developing communities situated along the new Jabang Highway, one can see very expensive mansions that are owned by government employees." 

Pa Nderry added: "How they get the finances to put up these structures within this short period of time remains a mystery" 

An investigation by What's On-Gambia revealed that most of the multi-million dalasi houses in Salagi are owned by civil servants working at the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Local Government and Lands and Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA). 

An insider at the Ministry of Finance disclosed: "I know a couple of colleagues here who own houses in Salagi. In fact, their houses are next to each other. One of them, who was living in the UK, was brought to the ministry by the minister and within a very short period he was able to build his house and moved in with his family." 

Since coming to power in 2017, President Adama Barrow has not introduced any reform to clamp down on corruption. Some of his critics accused him of being the "king of corruption".