Another Instagram star blocks What's On-Gambia

Written by Gainde


Famous Instagram influencer Ya Nyima Konteh has become the latest celebrity to block What's On-Gambia on Instagram. 

The CEO of YNK Clothing wasn't happy with the online media outlet for writing that she is famous online for wearing tight clothes. 

But Ya Nyima, who lives in Germany, is yet to block What's On-Gambia on Facebook. 

She recently wrote on her Instagram: "Cheers to all strong women out there grinding and working hard on a daily to be independent. 2021 let’s chase dreams/goals, not the next rich guy. If they ask what we bring to the table, tell them we are the table, chairs and all, PERIODT!!!" 

Ya Nyima is among the brightest young Gambian women in Germany. She holds a Master's Degree in Economics.