Musa Yali Batchilly's wife accuses him of being a liar

Written by Eddy Jatta

Musa Yali

Presidential aspirant Musa Yali Batchilly's 24-year-old wife, who lives in Nigeria, disclosed she wants a divorce from the politician accusing him of being a compulsive liar.   

Fatima Touray told What's On-Gambia: "We met on Facebook and after one month we got married. But I later discovered that Musa is a compulsive liar. He lied to me about so many things."  

The 24-year-old revealed they tied the knot in January 2021 at the Bakoteh Central Mosque, but their marriage was never consummated.  

"I live in Nigeria with my mum and her Nigerian husband. Musa promised to buy me a ticket to return home, but he didn't. He loves making big promises that are beyond his capacity," she said. 

Fatima added: "Gambians will make a big mistake if they elect Musa as their president. The worst thing is Musa will be lying and swearing by Allah's name.” 

When asked if she is aware that the presidential aspirant is married with children, she responded: "Yes, he told me that he has children." 

Musa Yali Batchilly is the leader of the Gambia Action Party (GAP). He is among the loudest and nosiest politicians in the country.